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Название сайта - twisty petz | Twisty Petz

Описание сайта - The savvy christmas shopper knows better than to leave their gift shopping for the last minute. our list of the hottest toys for christmas 2018 should give you a couple of gift ideas to get you started out.slated for release in august, the grumblies make it to the hottest toys 2018 list because they are the perfect gift for the lover of the elements. the more you poke and mess around with the toys the angrier you make them, and the goal is to get them to their meltdown mode. there’s hydro who loves water, bolt who shoots out electric bursts, tremor who shakes up its surroundings, and scorch who might just obliterate everything to lava. the less than cuddly toys make over 40 different reactions and custom sounds.any girl can easily fall in love with the hairdorables dolls and accessories . the dolls are created based on the 12 iconic girls who run the youtube series, hairdorables. the collectibles feature a girl squad with the biggest of colorful hair and a matching attitude. there are 36 hairdorables dolls to collect including two rare and one ultra-rare one. each package presents a surprise and unwrapping it presents a hairdorable girl hidden inside alongside 10 other surprises.scheduled to hit shelves this fall, boxer robot is an interactive ai toy with an awesome personality, and he comes packed with impressive features. multiple ai sensors enable the robot to interact with its users, and it can follow your hand along a table as well as perform neat tricks like riding on its back wheels. shaking him gets him dizzy, he can dance, and play with the help of the included game cards and ball.

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